ISBN: 0-9845255-0-5  ISBN13: 978-0-9845255-0-8 / $15.00 / 126 pp. / 2010

The texts and illustrations in this book provide graphic accounts and visual evidence of why Israel has
provoked a worldwide 'Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions' campaign by human rights activists, trade
unions and a multitude of other groups, including individuals in Israel and Jewish organizations in Europe
and North America. It includes the Executive Summary of the Goldstone Report, an in depth case study of
Israel's war crimes in Gaza. The US governments' sustained complicity with Israeli war crimes in the face
of worldwide reprobation, and the conduct of the Obama White House and nearly 90% of the US Congress
in denouncing the Goldstone Report are addressed in the chapters discussing the political, economic and
cultural power of the Presidents of the Major American Jewish organizations, including but not confined to
ISBN: 0-932863-68-X  ISBN13: 978-0-932863-68-3 $16.95 / 234 pp. / 2009

This book exposes the roots of the crisis in the unsustainability of the United States' military-driven empire
building based on a volatile speculative economy, and influenced by Zionist policy makers committed to
the colonialist state of Israel. It offers a critical study of the collapse of the empire and a profound
indictment of the respectable and prestigious personalities either responsible for the debacle, or for
its continuance. Petras provides clear insight into how the ramifications of the world depression and
regional wars that originated in Washington and on Wall Street are extending throughout the world,
provoking popular challenges especially in Latin America, while reinforcing the belligerency and
increasingly fascistic nature of the state of Israel. He demonstrates how unending wars and a deepening
capitalist depression have demolished the ideology of free market neo-liberalism and forced to the
forefront the need for structural changes.

ISBN: 0-932863-60-4 / 978-0-932863-60-7 / $16.95 / 192 pages / 2008

Only Zion-Con demands and Israeli interests can explain the current US moves against Iran---threats,
infiltrations, naval blockades, US Treasury-imposed sanctions on the entire Iranian financial sector
including threats to global finance for any linkages---policies which are contrary to the interests of Big Oil,
US corporations, and the weakened US military.  Petras empirically demonstrates that while the interests
of the US do not in fact coincide with those of Israel, the effective power of the pro-Zionist Lobby gives
Israel the capacity to replace the US agenda with its own.  At a time when our national economy is in deep
crisis, the Israel Lobby is pushing for a new military confrontation and war with Iran, oblivious to its
catastrophic consequences for the American people. Major pro-Israel officials and politicians in Homeland
Security, the National Security Council, the Congress and the White House are passing more police-state
legislation to control and silence the growing majority opposition to the expansion of wars in the Middle
East promoted by the Israel Lobby.
RULERS AND RULED IN THE US EMPIRE:  Bankers, Zionists, Militants

ISBN: 0-932863-54-X / 264 pp / $16.95 / 2007

This book provides a comprehensive guide to the systemic dimensions of the US empire. Petras
elaborates the  changes within the US ruling class, as its manufacturing sector declines and gives way to
the ascendancy of  finance capital, illustrated by its dominance of both the US economy, and the
parameters for political debate on the  US role in the world economy (globalization, trade liberalization).
Petras addresses the fallacy of discussions on  the imminent collapse of capitalism when what is
occurring in reality is the collapse of workers’ rights. He  elaborates the contradictions in current
immigration/trade liberalization policies, and how these work toward  forcing the displacement of peoples,
and furthering the underdevelopment of third world countries. He reveals the  dark heart of modern empire,
in the emergence and proliferation of holocaust-scale carnage.and further outlines  how the world
capitalist system is laced together in an intricate hierarchy where the US pulls most of the strings,  even
outside its ostensible area of dominance.  The role of corruption in securing world markets is addressed,
as  are the reasons for the spectacular global growth in new billionaires.

ISBN: 0-932863-51-5 / 192 pp. / $16.95 / 2006

This book is a chapter-by-chapter analysis and documentation of the power of Israel via the Israeli, Jewish
or Pro-Zionist Lobby on US Middle East policy.  It raises serious questions as to the primary beneficiary of
US policy, and its destructive results for the United States.   The extraordinary extent of US
political, economic, military and diplomatic support for the state of Israel is explored, along with the means
whereby such support is generated and consolidated. Contending that Zionist power in America ensured
unconditional US backing for Israeli colonization of Palestine and its massive uprooting of Palestinians, it
views the interests of Israel rather than those of Big Oil as the primary cause of the disastrous US wars
against Iraq and threats of war against Iran and Syria.  It demonstrates and condemns US imitation of
Israeli practice as it relates to conduct of the war on terrorism and
torture.  It sheds light on the AIPAC spying scandal and other Israeli espionage against America; the
fraudulent and complicit role of America’s academic “terrorist experts” in furthering criminal government
policies, and the orchestration of the Danish cartoons to foment antipathy between Muslims and the West.  
It questions the inability in America to sustain or even formulate a discourse related to the subject of Israeli
influence on the United States.
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