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Eric Walberg interview: NO LIES RADIO on political Islam
Walberg, author of From Postmodernism to Postsecularism, is interviewed on Egypt/US relations post
army coup..
TAKES ON THE WORLD interview with Francis A. Boyle
on prospects for both international law and those protecting our civil liberties
under the Obama administration in 2014
KELLY MITCHELL's GOLD WARS goes German and Italian
Swiss/German Weltbucht has acquired German and Italian rights for Kelly Mitchell's GOLD
WARS; a Chinese offer is on the table.
ALAN HART's mighty three-volume work on the Israel-Palestine conflict goes
German and Italian.  ZIONISM, The Real Enemy of the Jews has been acquired for German
and Italian editions by Zambon Publishers
Dissident Voice reviews Kerry Coast's The Colonial Present:  The Rule of
Ignorance and the Role of Law in BC.  "The Colonial Present is an important read. It is jam packed
with urgent human rights and sovereignist issues that affect the Original Peoples, not just of BC, but throughout Turtle
Island and on down to Tierra del Fuego."
UTC Daybreak Asia interviews Richard Westra
Richard Westra is author of The Evil Axis of Finance:  The US-Japan-China Stranglehold on the Global
Chinese Edition Cover for Lendman's Banker Occupation
Chinese publishers have submitted the projected cover for the Chinese edition of Stephen
Banker Occupation.:  Waging Financial War Against Humanity.
Truthout reviews Recreating Democracy in a Globalized State
Truthout has republished "Resisting the Global State: A Perfectly Timed Perspective" By Kostis
Papadantonakis, an Alliance for Global Justice | Book Review of
DuRand and Martinot's book.