‘Cynthia McKinney’s passion to bring about social and
    political change through peace and politics is very
    inspirational to all who have the honor, like myself, of
    knowing her or will come to know her by reading
    something of her life in this challenging book.’ -
    Mairead Corrigan MaGuire, Nobel Peace Laureate,1976

    "McKinney, an extremely realistic and well-informed
    person, unlike anyone in Washington or the media,
    remains confident that truth and justice will prevail..
    America and the Constitution will be safe the day Cynthia
    McKinney or a similar person is president of the United
    States."  excerpt from "Cynthia McKinney on Leadership"


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$19.95   279 pp.  2013  .


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    Cynthia McKinney is an internationally renowned peace advocate and human rights activist.  She began this
    important work on day one of her political life and hasn’t looked back.  With her opinions, actions, and even her
    sense of style, McKinney has inspired both admiration and controversy.

    In 1988, McKinney won a House seat in the Georgia Legislature against all odds.  She was the first African-
    American woman to represent Atlanta and Fulton County in an at-large district in Georgia’s history.  She
    became a household name when she challenged the state’s leadership to abide by the Voting Rights Act and
    grant fair representation to all of Georgia’s residents, including the more than 30% who are of African descent.  
    She appealed directly to the United States Justice Department and won.  

    In 1991, speaking from the “well” of the Georgia House of Representatives, she made national headlines when
    she challenged President George Herbert Walker Bush’s decision to make war against Iraq.  Despite the
    vilification by the state’s pro-war establishment, her voice for justice and peace was heard by the people.

    In 1992, McKinney won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in a newly created district, drawn from
    Atlanta to Savannah.  Again, Cynthia made history by becoming the first African-American woman to represent
    Georgia in the U.S. Congress.  Cynthia voted against every war-funding bill put before her.  During her tenure,
    her district was re-drawn several times and re-numbered.  McKinney protested the new boundaries, but was still
    reelected to the seat until the pro-Israel Lobby targeted her because of her support for peace in Palestine.  She
    was a supporter of a Palestinian State in Israel-occupied territory; she sparked controversy by criticizing
    American policy in the region at a time when few dared to speak out.  After 11 September 2001, McKinney
    stated that based on her readings, the President had received warnings and that the matter deserved
    independent investigation.  The criticism she received as a result, combined with being targeted by the pro-
    Israel lobby, contributed to her defeat in the 2002 election; however, she ran for the seat again and was re-
    elected in 2004.

    Once again in Congress, McKinney was a vocal critic of the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina.
    Cynthia pressed for government transparency and accountability and introduced legislation to release the
    documents related to the murders of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Tupac Shakur.  She was the first Member of
    Congress to file Articles of Impeachment against President George W. Bush and Cynthia was forced out of
    Congress once more in 2007 when she was targeted for defeat, again, by donations from pro-Israel contributors
    that flooded into her opponent's campaign coffers.  Late in 2007, Cynthia became a Green Party Presidential
    Candidate.  Cynthia won the Green Party nomination for U.S. President and in 2008 ran for President.  

    In December 2008, Cynthia made international headlines when the Free Gaza boat she was aboard was
    rammed by the Israeli military as she was attempting to deliver medical supplies to the people of Gaza during
    Israel's Operation Cast Lead.  Cynthia and her fellow humanitarian activists, rescued by Lebanon, never made it
    to Gaza.  In 2009, Cynthia attempted to reach Gaza again, this time armed with crayons, coloring books, and
    school supplies for the children.  She and her fellow human rights workers became the Free Gaza 21 after their
    boat was overtaken in international waters by the Israeli military and they were kidnapped to Israel.  Cynthia
    spent 7 days in an Israeli prison.  Finally, Cynthia entered Gaza by land in July 2009 with George Galloway's
    250-volunteer-strong Viva Palestina, USA.  

    As a rider and a member of the support team, Cynthia completed a cross-country bicycle ride with five other
    Bike4Peace 2010 cyclists who started in California and ended in Washington, D.C., speaking to the American
    people about the possibility of more peaceful US policies if enough of us are willing to participate in our own
    positive, personal transformations.  Cynthia had not been on a bicycle in twenty years and faced many personal
    obstacles along the way.  However, she met this challenge with her usual good humor and determination and by
    the last day of the ride was able to complete over 65 miles on her bicycle.  

    In 2011, Cynthia led a DIGNITY Delegation of alternative and independent journalists to Libya while US and
    NATO bombs, laced with poisons including depleted uranium, targeted civilian populations.  She then edited
    The Illegal War on Libya (Clarity Press, 2011). Afterward, she completed a successful 29-city peace tour in the
    United States and Canada to promote a more peaceful U.S. foreign policy.  Cynthia now travels the world
    speaking out on human rights, nature’s rights, and peace while she completes her studies toward a Ph.D.,  She
    holds an MA from Fletcher School of International Law and Diplomacy.



    Elected six times to the House from the state of Georgia,
    Cynthia McKinney cut a trail through Congressional deceit
    like a hot ember through ash.

    She discovered legislators who passed laws without
    reading them. Party leaders who colluded across party
    lines against their constituents' interests. Black-skinned
    individuals shilling for the white status quo.

    She excoriated government lassitude over Hurricane
    Katrina, uncovering dark secrets. She held the only critical
    Congressional briefing on 9/11, introducing counter-
    testimony of scholars, investigators, former intelligence

    As a member of the House Armed Services Committee, she
    held Rumsfeld to account for malfeasance by military
    contractors and missing billions in the Pentagon’s budget.
    Then she hammered him on the reasons for the failure of
    NORAD air defenses on 9/11.

    She read truth into the Congressional Record, held town
    halls and hearings, led protests, showed up while others
    played along to get along, took the side of the people
    against the will of the Party. And when she got too truth
    seeking and speaking, the Republicans rigged the
    Democratic primaries to boot her out, leaving behind a trail
    of achievements mostly won singlehandedly as a result of
    her service on the House International Relations, House
    Agriculture, House Armed Services, and Budget
    Committees and the Select Committee on Hurricanes
    Katrina and Rita

    But McKinney rose again like a Phoenix, answering the call
    to run as 2008 Green Party candidate for President,
    challenging the corrupt two-party stranglehold on
    American democracy. Then it was on to the Freedom
    Flotilla to Gaza, to be seized on the high seas and
    imprisoned in Israel. On to Tripoli, to serve as witness to
    the NATO terror bombing of Libya. On to Malaysia to serve
    on the War Crimes Commission...

    Often introduced as the Sojourner Truth, the Harriet
    Tubman of our age, McKinney reflects here on the Biblical
    figures of Esther, Deborah and Naomi.

    This is the Cynthia McKinney saga as it stands to date--
    what she saw, what she learned, and how she fought for
Catch Cynthia film: AMERICAN BLACKOUT
2008 Green Party
Candidate for President
and Former
A lifetime of talking truth to power: Cynthia McKinney tells her story
Cynthia fighting for the World Conference Against Racism along with
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson (left).
"'Those whom the gods wish to destroy,
they must first make mad’—and that was
how the western powers and corporate
media portrayed Muammar Qaddafi for
decades as he nationalized Libyan oil,
raised the Libyan standard of living to one
recognized by the UN as among the
highest in Africa, and began promoting an
African currency and development bank
to free the continent from the IMF.  When
the ragtag group of “Islamist” fighters from
Ben Ghazi given diplomatic cover as the
Transitional Council began their NATO-
supported assault, one of the first things
they did was to seize the Libyan central
bank, until then one of the few still
controlled by government in the world.  If
this makes you wonder—and it should—
then this is the book for you.  Kudos to
former Congresswoman Cynthia
McKinney and her truth-telling DIGNITY
journalists who put the complicit Western-
backed human rights NGOs to shame.”
    —GLEN FORD, Black Agenda
Cynthia forces creation of Carlsson Commission and brings witness to testify, right:
Louise Mushikiwabo, current Rwandan Minister.
In Spain with Jordi Palou, to testify against U.S. corporations and Rwandan soldiers
for committing genocide in Democratic Republic of Congo.


by Mike Ruppert / 9

The Third Time Must Be the Charm! / 14

Chapter One
The Life I Live / 22

Chapter Two
From a Different Culture / 32

Chapter Three
How to Steal an Election / 42

Chapter Four
Overseeing the Pentagon / 46

Chapter Five
What Hurricane Katrina Exposed / 60

Chapter Six
America the Beautiful / 70

Chapter Seven
A Global View / 81

Chapter Eight
The U.S./World Conference on Racism Fiasco / 107

Chapter Nine
Tree Shakers and Jelly Makers / 122

Chapter Ten
The Politics of Love and Hate / 132

Chapter Eleven
Election Protection / 149
Chapter Twelve
No Rainbows Without Rain / 153

Chapter Thirteen
Running for President in 2008 / 158

Chapter Fourteen
Stone Mountain, Israel and Gaza / 178

Chapter Fifteen
Racism Where You Least Expect It / 204

Chapter Sixteen
I’m Still Grieving / 207

Chapter Seventeen
The Power of Organizing / 212

Chapter Eighteen
It Doesn’t End Here / 218


Appendix I:

Appendix II:
Letter to George W. Bush on the Congo /235

Appendix III:
Statement, Joint Sub-Committee Hearing on Sudan / 238

Appendix IV: Statement:  
UN Commission on Human Rights / 242

Appendix V:
McKinney v. The Atlanta Constitution et al. / 246

Appendix VI:
Gus Savage: AIPAC Campaign Funding to Defeat
Candidates Critical of Israel / 257

Appendix VII:
Legal Complaint on Crossover Voting / 274
With Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Corrigan MaGuire at the BRussell Tribunal on
Palestine in Capetown, South Africa.
McKinney speaks on Mandela, whom she met on several occasions.
Former Congresswoman McKinney is author of the recent books,
Ain't Nothing Like Freedom and The Illegal War on Libya.