Donald Trump
    and the
    Unmaking of the
    Iran Nuclear

    Scott Ritter

    Foreword by
    Seymour Hersh

"Dealbreaker could not be more timely
in view of the machinations by
Congress to maintain the sanctions
against Iran — sanctions that were
illegal from the get-go. This book is
needed to counter the obfuscations
and inversions of the sanctions issue
that mainstream media has proffered to
the American public. We are in debt to
the maturity of Iran’s leadership for
their patience and to some of our
political leaders for correcting this
injustice of our foreign policy."  
opponent of the Vietnam War

"As the people who got Iraq wrong are
still all over your television explaining
what should be done next, here's a
novel idea: Read this book by Scott
Ritter who got Iraq right."  
author of
War Is A Lie

    Divine or

    David Ray Griffin

David Ray Griffin traces the trajectory
of the American Empire from its
founding through to the end of the
20th century. A prequel to Griffin's
Bush and Cheney, this book
demonstrates with many examples the
falsity of the claim for American
exceptionalism, a secular version of
the old idea that America has been
divinely founded and guided.  
pointing out that the idea that America
is an empire is no longer controversial,
it then contrasts those who consider it
benign with those who consider it
malign. The remainder of the book
supports the latter point of view,
demonstrating that America has been
expansionist from the outset.
 This sharp, concise history of the
American Empire ultimately
demonstrates, in Griffin’s analysis, the
‘fraud’ of endorsing self-praising
American Exceptionalism. A must read.

Asia Times/Hong Kong



McKinney & co. seize this unique
moment of global focus on the world’s
most suffering countries to address
some causative factors, and the extent
to which their lamentable state is not
of their doing.  This book questions the
legitimacy, means and ends of US
interventions in their domestic affairs
in pursuit of its “interests”, which the
US then regards as matters of national
security. A devastating critique of the
effects of US foreign policy at home
and abroad.

Contributors include:
Sami al-Arian,
Baffour Ankomah
, The Saker, Mike
Gravel, Paul Craig Roberts, James
Petras,  Charles Onana, Wayne Madsen,  
Keith Harmon Snow, Richard Falk, Kevin
Barrett, Christopher Black, Jose Maria
Sisson and more...

    The Myopia of


"Marytanov explains why and how the
US armed forces have lost the military
supremacy they thought they once had
and how Russia, which supposedly had
been defeated in the Cold War,
succeeded not only in catching up with
USA, but actually surpassing it in many
key domains such as long range cruise
missiles, diesel-electric submarines,
air defenses, electronic warfare, air
superiority and many others. Andrei
Martyanov's book is an absolute 'must
read' for any person wanting to
understand the reality of modern
warfare and super-power competition."

    My Viet Nam
    Awakening to
    the Long History
    of US LIes

                S. Brian Willson

"By providing the historical context for
our involvement in Viet Nam,  Willson
pulls back a curtain on U.S. imperialism
that cannot easily be closed again."
—Martin Sheen

"Brian Willson tells the truth about the
Vietnam War and about the sordid US
history of lies, war and empire: and he
writes as one who courageously put
his body on the line for these truths. A
MUST READ for all of us."
—Daniel Ellsberg
author of
The Pentagon Papers

"Few people really understood the
terror imposed upon innocent people
by the US policies and Vietnam,
Cambodia, Laos and Central America.  
Brian Willson, a lawyer and a scholar
did and does. Not only has he given his
body for his beliefs but he has penned
an extremely important book complete
with insights and history that make it
imperative reading for every American
citizen.  I highly recommend it."
—Helen Caldicott